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Ahmad Belvin
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About Ahmad Belvin
Born in Springfield, MA, where he had nothing and nobody who believed in him, Ahmad Belvin has worked his whole life to achieve the success he is now experiencing. Singing since the age of five, writing his first songs and performing all over the country at age nine, this young talent is already being compared to the likes of Bobby Brown, Usher and even Michael Jackson. Inspired by the dancing, entertaining and overall performance abilities of Bobby Brown, Michael Jackson and James Brown, Ahmad has always looked for his own style and sound. He has made it his lifelong mission to prove that he is more than just another kid singer, a feat he has accomplished in part by the fact that at only 16-years of age he writes and arranges all of his own records and does much of his own choreography. Ahmad is making his mark with his fans as well, leaving the crowds screaming at performances for KISS FM in New York City, opening for Ginuwine in New Bedford, MA, and singing the national anthem in front of 17,000 people at a UCONN Huskies game. At the end of 2005, Ahmad achieved what he considers to be his greatest accomplishment thus far, signing with Spoiled Rotten Global Music. "Its amazing to finally have people believe and trust in me and my music", Ahmad proudly states.
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Jan 30
Ahmad Belvin (Feat. T-Pain)
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