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Freck Billionaire
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About Freck Billionaire
The Chase Its Winter 2002 and Freck was his Dailt Routine: hit the corner with four and half ounces of coke in his pokcet, wait for his associates, collect money then pass off the Work. But on this particular day something was diffrent, wrong even. Frecks associates were over ten minutes late.Since theres a first time for everything a super confident Freck shrugged off the tardiness and passed time by taling to the neighborhood females, and collecting their phone numbers. After jotting down a couple of digits Freck looked up and saw cop cars,detectives, and vans all advancing in his direction. I tossed the coke and ran. There were better days The Beginning This story begins at University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia where 2 proud parents give birth to a freckle faced, fai skinned, straight haired baby boy named Jeffrey Whitters sometime in the 80s. At 3 years old Freck moved to his grandmothers home on haverford Avenue in west Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Soon afther the young couple moved around the corner with Freck and his older sister to a 2 bedroom apartment. Seven years later the happy family moved to their first home. An ambitious Freck needed more. More space, more freedom, more than a weekly allowance so he made the street his home from then on in. The Rebirth From the age of 18 to 22, Freck was arrested 19 times. Frecks last arrest (19 months) which was his longest stint in prison would prove life altering. While incarcerated a female who sought to cheer Freck up mailed him issue would fancy. Obviously any man locked in the bing would normally receive playboy, Hustler, impeccable taste she sent him a luxury magazine for millionaires Freck often read named The Robb Report . A mesmerized Freck studied each and every page. The magazine became Frecks new inspiration. Freck adopted a new moniker: Freck The Billionaire. The Wonder Years Freck attended Martha Washington public school from kindergarten to 8th grade. Went to Overbrook High School where he eventually graduated from. Had his first legal job when he was a mere 13. While everyone playing video games and riding their BMX bikes Freck was coming to chocking revelation.I busted my ass all week at the daycare for a bullshit my $150 I cant even buy kicks with that type of bread. Unlike his young counterparts Freck The Entrepreneur didnt go to the local drug dealer and copped an 8 ball (3.5 grams) of crack cocaine. Freck bagged it up and it was the easiest money one could ever make especially when you know everyone in the whole neighborhood and everyone knew you every store owner and salesperson, every bus driver, every dealer (big or small), every thug coward, and most importantly every junkie. Its hard to forget a young running around the street of Philadelphia, slinging a potent product like Crack Cocaine. Before you knew it Freck was the flashiest kid in Overbrook High School toting a gist full of dollars. The Release Finally two weeks ather serving his sentence in CFCF Frecks cell mate had a male RnB artist he was bringin to shop to Track Masters. Freck just went along for the ride to New York City. As they listened to the demo they got to a song that featured a rapper. Tone from Track Master was like Niggas coming up from Philly, they hot. so Frecks friend said nigga is your beats hot? Ather Freck rapped it was history Jermaine Durpi, La Reid, Arista Records, record deal $100.000 advance. The Reality Check Everything thing was lovely a feature on Tamias album. Everything was going smooth recording with the likes of Foxxy Brown and Omarion. Cruising at 100 Miles per hour in that new Bentley GT, until BOOM! The Titanic hit the iceberg. Arista record label behemoth L.A.a Reid was fired ather what seemed to be an amazing year of succes ather succes. Freck survived the wreck but it was like going through rehab. The young star was still recording, still doing his thing, but things were coming to a grinding halt. Freck began writing for Young Rich Hilfiger, son of Tommy Hilfiger who was recording out of Siz Studioz. It was here that Freck met JiCE of Sizzle Records theres gotta be a future The Here and Now now that the Trackmaster deal was mutually dissolved, Freck was faced with a huge decision. It was here at crossraods, that young JiCe approached Freck with the idea of vulding the projcet and street buzz before approaching opportunities that await newly released free agent in the off season. Freck chose to ink with the fledgling Sizzle Records and the rest is the future. it was this idea of : build it and they will come that paved the way to this collection of future mixtape masterpieces and album classics. With the and convition, Freck skillfully bridges the gap between the block and the yacht. Songs like the Baby Boy produced Cook It paint vivid pictures of Philadelphiaas inner city landscape and graphically shows you what can happen to ambitious youth without a creative outles availavle. Then you have clever yet playful Just Blaze produced Brak You Off featuring Fabolous. Which shows you a brighter side of life. Here Freck describes a night of fun in the club, and the cat and mouse pursuit of flirtatious females plating hard to get. Now that Feck Billionaires street opus A Fistfull of Dollars narrated by mixtape king DJ Clue is flooding the streets of his home state of Pennsylvania and abroad, the lead singel and video for Cook It is blazing radio and Tv, its calling. Finally you can foget the beefs, the dramas, and the artists who get situations because of their super humand stories but have no music. There is an artistas, a fan favorite whose music spkeas fro itself and his name is Freck Billionaire.
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