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Wiz Khalifa Talks Upcoming Taylor Gang Projects & Live In Concert Project
Wednesday, February 13 2013 | 1,187 views | 0 likes

The Pittsburgh rapper is always up to something. Whether it's making tours or helping out his team, the hit maker we all love always has something in store for us. This time, we speaks on the upcoming projects that will be coming from his taylor gang family as well as the long awaited "live in concert" project.

"Big stuff for taylor gang, it's gonna be a good year" wiz started off. He also gave us an insight on his fellow taylor gang artist Juicy J's upcoming project "Stay Trippy." "It's a classic Juicy album for right now, Dr. Luke's got a lot of stuff on there, Hit-Boy's on there."

He also spoke out on Juicy J's career growing to a huge extent. "Everybody's used to seeing Juicy making everything homegrown because that's what they did as Three 6 Mafia", said wiz, "but now he's stepping out as the celebrity Juicy J. That's who he's been this whole time but now that everyone else gets it, they're bowing down and letting him have his way."

He also shed light on the upcoming taylor gang mixtapes, stating that most of them are "pretty much done." Even the taylor gang lady Lola Monroe, who is set to release her "Lipsticks & Pistols" mixtape got some good thought about it from wiz, describing it as "so so amazing, the mixtape is crazy."

wiz also talked about the project "live in concert" with him and Curren$y which has recently turned into a studio album rather than a mixtape. "We're trying to turn it into a bigger project, we have visuals of us making the entire thing we gonna tie that into there too."

The project has created an uproar of fans eager for it to release. "It makes me happy how bad people want it, we gonna make it happen the right way." wiz also revelead news that after all these projects shine light, that there will be taylor gang album on its way.

Stay tuned for more from wiz, as he as linked up with B-Real from Cypress Hill for an upcoming track, as well as a music video for "Let It Go" featuring Akon.

Wiz Khalifa Talks Upcoming Taylor Gang Projects & Live In Concert Project - Comments

Wiz Khalifa Talks Upcoming Taylor Gang Projects & Live In Concert Project